We offer solutions that make the processes of parts procurement and assembly effective, reliable and fast. If required, we will participate in the product development before the actual production process.


The professionals at Tekotekniikka are available to save our customers’ time: we take care of the purchase of thin plates, machine tools operations and the purchasing of the various electronics and other components. In this way, our comprehensive service accelerates the production process.


We take full responsibility for the assembly of a new product, which is always done to the customer’s specifications and instructions and in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 quality systems. All the projects are followed by using an enterprise resource planning system to ensure that starting from the material purchase everything is done according to agreed timetables.


Before a new device is delivered to the customer, careful testing is performed using methods specified by the customer. Testing operations are performed by qualified personnel using calibrated measuring instruments.

Turun Tekotekniikka Oy

 We are specialised in material/parts procurement and demanding instrument and part assembly as well as testing. We offer high quality customized solutions in the assembly of high technology instruments and devices.